• Launching into an Adventure!

    Starting preschool or kindergarten is an exciting adventure for kids and their families. It is a new beginning for learning, developing friendships, confidence and independence. That is why we are delighted that you have chosen Sunshine as your child’s educational home. We’re proud to be one stop in your child’s journey of lifelong learning.

    At Sunshine, the preschool years are magical! Together they explore language skills (reading and writing), mathematics, nature, culture, music, arts and crafts, physical exercise, and character building. Our learning plan is built on the fundamental truth that each child is a valuable individual who possesses unique gifts and learning styles with ‘fun and hands on’ MONTESSORI approach to pre-primary education.

    Established in 1992, hundreds of children have graduated from Sunshine with confidence and are faring well in their respective schools. Over the years, we have updated our methods of instructions and our curriculum to help our children excel not just academically but holistically.

    Once again, thank you for entrusting your children to us and we look forward to watching your child learn, grow, and flourish throughout this year.

    Mildred Patern


      Children sometimes want to have personal space and do things alone


      There are time when children want companionship but not much interaction


      Children play associatively when they play with other children but still not reach of level of socialization


      Children belongs to a group, establish rules and role that each child plays. Children begin to share, negotiate and exchange ideas.

  • Enactive Mode
    Learn by doing, use first hand experiences to development ideas which set them thinking.

  • Iconic Mode
    Learn to understand what pictures and diagrams are.

  • Symbolic
    Can understand and work with abstract concepts.