Sunshine Preschool strives to inspire children to have a long-life passion and love of learning, build self-discipline and character.


    To bring our vision into reality we:

    1. Follow the Montessori method, introducing simple to complex concepts, concrete to abstract in an exciting way and suits to each child’s individuality;
    2. Our content curriculum is ideal to prepare them for the next level;
    3. Provide co-curricular programs and after-school programs to explore each child’s talent and potential;
    4. Build good behavior and character in all school actvities and programs;
    5. Work together with parents to enhance each child’s development according to their uniqueness;
    6. Continuously develop our teachers to become expert educators.
  • We know how to encourage
    meaningful activities:
    1. Activity that provides direction without dictatorship

    2. Activity that stresses function and aplication

    3. Activity with a planned purpose

    4. Activity that is concerned with the process as well as the product

    5. Realistic activity that includes problem solving situation

  • Our Activities:
    • Montessori Method
    • Academic Class
    • English Language
    • Indonesian Language
  • Character
    Who we are is not important
    than what we say or do

  • Compassion
    Our Emotions run
    in the direction of our actions

  • Content
    Our concept can be logical
    and reasonable