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  • Our Classes

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  • We provided four classes with nine to twenty children each aged eighteen months to six years of age.
  • Sunshine started to adopt the Montessori method of teaching since July of 2010. Learning is hands-on, interactive and children work with concrete Montessori materials under our trained teachers. Our program and provides a strong foundation from which students can grow to become active participants in life long learning.

    • Infant
      Tiny Seeds
      • 18-24
        Months old
      • 10
        Max. class size
    • Toddler
      Little seeds
      • 2-3
        Years old
      • 15
        Max. class size
    • Nursery
      Little Sprouts
      • 3-4
        Years old
      • 15
        Max. class size
    • Kindergarten
      Blooming Buds
      • 4-5
        Years old
      • 25
        Max. class size
    • Preparatory
      Blooming Sunshine
      • 5-6
        Years old
      • 25
        Max. class size
  • Our goal is to create a place that engages each child. Our speciality:

    • We identify your child’s learning style
    • Our content curriculum is ideal for the 21st Century child
    • Our methodology, activities and celebrations enhances learning in a fun and easy way
    • Our teachers are qualified, trained, caring and compassionate
    • Our facilities and resources are well maintained and up to date
  • School Field Trips

    are a great way to extend learning and we organize two such trips during our school year. Parents are advised well in advance of any planned excursions and always have the right to veto their child going on an excursion.

    Birthday Celebrations

    are important celebration at school. We celebrate every child’s birthday in a meaningful way. You may bring a cake for your child if you wish.

    Class Activities

    sunshine Preschool looks at the development of the child as a whole. Activities for the children include Yoga & IQ gym – enhancing their physical and mental well being, meaningful games and show & tell – promoting self-esteem and confidence, celebrations bringing awareness, regular educational field trips, music & movement and art & craft – promoting self expression and creativity.

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?